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07/16/04 | World Diamond Council Endorses Historic Decision By Kimberley Process Chair

03/31/04 | World Diamond Council Convenes 3rd Annual Meeting: WDC Leadership in Kimberley Process: Action to Protect

11/20/03 | Abbey Chikane Named WDC Director

10/30/03 | Diamond Industry and NGOs Hail Kimberley Process Breakthrough

10/21/03 | Statement From The World Diamond Council

07/28/03 | U.S. Regulations Backing Kimberley Process To Be In Place By End Of July

04/25/03 | Industry Welcomes Signing Of Clean Diamond Bill And Urges Strong Enforcement Of Kimberley Process

04/09/03 | Passage Of Clean Diamond Legislation Hailed By Spokesmen For Industry In U.S. And Abroad

02/11/03 | WDC Guide To Kimberley Process Available Online

01/31/03 | WDC Welcomes UN Recognition Of Industry Program To Curb Conflict Diamonds

01/08/03 | U.S. Kimberley Process Authority Formed

12/11/02 | Diamond Industry Calls For Kimberley Implementation

11/19/02 | Joint Letter from Eli Izhakoff and Matthew A. Runci

10/10/02 | Statement From The World Diamond Council

06/17/02 | Partnership Africa Canada Report, June 17, 2002

06/03/02 | WDC Statement of Support for the Kimberley Process, June 3, 2002

05/23/02 | WDC and JA Support Congressional Resolution

03/19/02 | Industry Leaders Welcome Introduction Of New Clean Diamond Trade Act In Senate

03/13/02 | Diamond Industry takes the Initiative with self-regulation to combat conflict diamonds

12/12/01 | John Holland Letter

11/29/01 | A Day of Achievement for The Diamond Industry

10/11/01 | Izhakoff and Runci Issue Joint Statement

10/11/01 | Eli Izhakoff Honored by King Albert II of Belgium

07/05/01 | Kimberley Process Meeting Concludes in Moscow

06/21/01 | US Retailers Hail Conflict Diamond Legislation

06/21/01 | World Diamond Council Endorses New Senate Bill To Stop Trade In Conflict Diamonds

06/21/01 | Joint Statement of WDC and NGO Steering Committee

06/11/01 | JVC Issues Press Release on FTC Warning for Advertising Diamonds as "Conflict Free"

04/27/01 | Sen. Gregg Introduces Conflict Diamonds Bill; JA's Runci Asks Jewelers to Support It

02/25/01 | A Diamond's Path From Earth To Showcase

02/14/01 | Diamond Industry Committed to Eliminating Conflict Stones

02/14/01 | The Trade In Conflict Diamonds Need Not Be Forever

01/31/01 | Chairman's Letter to USA Today

01/26/01 | Thoughts From the President of GIA

12/14/00 | Eli Izhakoff Letter to Esquire Magazine

12/06/00 | World Diamond Council Praises Passage of U.N. Measure To Fight Conflict Diamonds

01/12/00 | An Effective Plan to Eliminate Conflict Diamonds

10/16/00 | World Diamond Council Will Offer Model Statute To Create Effective Global Ban of Conflict Diamonds

10/02/00 | World Diamond Council Developing Control System and Legislation to Stamp Out Conflict Diamonds



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NOTE: On January 1, 2003 many countries around the world have 'Kimberley Process' established by world governments and the diamond industry to eradicate the trade in conflict diamonds. All the diamonds used in our engagement rings, earrings and jewelry are purchased form legitimate sources in compliance with the United Nations resolution. We do not and will not ever sell conflict diamonds.