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natural fancy colored diamonds

Natural fancy colored diamonds are a natural, rare and truly exotic gem of the Earth. Colors range in intensity from faint to vivid in yellow, red, pink, blue and green. The more saturated the color, the higher the value.

In fact, a diamond sparkling with intense color is so rare that it can be valued higher than a colorless diamond.

heart shape natural fancy colored diamondThe color in natural fancy colored diamonds is present because of presence of certain elements like nitrogen, boron, etc. which were introduced in diamonds by nature during their formation in earth).

Each natural fancy colored diamond is different not only because of its natural body color but also because of the way it is shaped and finally polished. Most natural fancy colored diamonds are cut into cushion or radiant shapes forms, which best bring out the depth of hue. The most skilled cutters shorten the optical light path through the diamond, creating the bright sparkle that is reflected from them. Cutting deeper pavilions and creating different facets may intensify color.

pear shape natural fancy colored diamondNo other jewel combines the rarity, beauty and sex appeal of a natural fancy colored diamond. The majority of white diamonds are not rare. For over 60 years, the DeBeers cartel has convinced Americans that diamonds equate with love and to be treasured. However, natural fancy colored diamonds are truly exceedingly rare and are simply geological flukes. For every 100,000 D-flawless diamonds, there is probably one natural fancy colored diamonds, and it is probably not flawless.

The beauty and the rarity of these natural fancy colored diamonds have spawned unprecedented desire and unparalleled prices. Red diamonds are undoubtedly the rarest of natural fancy colored diamonds. Green and Blue colored diamonds follow closely behind and are exceptionally rare. Following in rarity are the Purple, Pink and Violet colors. The next layer of rarity goes to orange and olive. Yellow, brown, champagne, gray and black diamonds are only modestly rare

Here at Diamond World, we work with a broker that specializes in natural fancy colored diamonds including blue, green, pink and yellow diamonds. Our broker represents or has access to many of the world's largest private collections, which include diamonds in excess of 10 carats.

Diamonds can be purchased unmounted or set in jewelry. Each natural fancy colored diamonds comes with a GIA
Certificate verifying its quality and attributes.

In addition to selling colored diamonds, we provide all related services, including assistance in transportation and storage of diamonds, consulting on insurance matters, and resale.

Unlike white diamonds, we do not list an inventory of natural fancy colored diamonds on this website. Instead, clients typically contact us seeking specific stones. It is best if a client provides us with specific parameters, such as price, carats, clarity, color and cut. We can provide a response to a client's request within a few business days.

If you are seeking to acquire a natural fancy colored diamond, or collection of diamonds, please contact us.



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