Often considered as being among the most beautiful diamond ever created, asscher cut diamonds belong to the step-cut diamonds category. Asscher shape diamonds are square with trimmed edges similar to that of rectangular emerald cuts which make it sometimes referred to as “square emerald cut”. In contrast to the emerald diamonds, asscher cut loose diamonds have a depth of 60% and a smaller table with its name credited to its founders; the Asscher Brothers of Holland (now Royal Asscher Company) who founded it in 1902.

Buying Asscher Cut Diamonds Online

Asscher diamonds online stores however offer a variety of certified and unique asscher cut diamonds (whether standard or royal asscher cuts). While the royal asscher cut has a height crown with 74 facets, the modern square-emerald and its traditional asscher types have 58 facets.

It is also important to note that GIA grades only covers polish and symmetry on fancy shapes. Unlike other diamond shapes in the category of “brilliant” cuts, there is no industry consensus on what parameter makes the perfect Asscher and Emerald cut.