Emerald Diamonds

Emerald Cut Loose Diamonds

The unique emerald cut diamond is the most classic of diamond shapes with clean lines from step-cutting or parallel line facets, rectangular in outline, blocked corners with right angle and parallel faceting structures.

Cut Type

Emerald cut diamonds has step cuts. While those with brilliant cut are known for their sparkle and brilliance, emerald cut diamonds have beautiful illusion that creates broad flashes of white light (Hall of Mirrors Effect) to contrast the dark planes within each steps.




While visiting online stores for loose emerald diamonds, clarity is an essential factor to consider. Certified loose emerald diamonds are rarer, lesser in demand and relatively less expensive. Since imperfections are easily noticeable in loose emerald cut diamonds than it is in round diamonds, clarity upgrade is hereby advisable for diamond emerald to enhance quality.


In the D-F range, all colourless diamonds regardless of cut will be the same. Low colour diamonds in the H-K range are however slightly warmer (yellowy) and reveal colour more easily on an emerald cut diamond.