Princess cut diamonds is a very popular fancy cut particularly for engagement rings. Just like the round cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds are a very good choice due to their flexibility in working in almost any style of ring. You can buy princess diamonds online at our online stores. The oval view shape of the princess cut is rectangular, sometimes princess cut are usually square shaped diamonds and the look from the side is similar to the view of an inverted pyramid with four sides with an angle below 90 degrees. Princess cut loose diamonds are relatively a new diamond cut. Getting a loose diamond princess

cut or a certified princess cut diamonds is easy, just check through our online stores loose princess diamonds. Unique princess diamond and the diamond princess cut has gained more popularity in recent years as an alternative to the round brilliant cut.

The top of the diamond princess cut diamonds is called the crown. The bottom of the princess cut loose diamonds is called the pavilion. You can buy certified loose princess diamonds online from our stores