Certified Radiant Cut Diamonds

First made popular in the 1980’s and being considered today as the father of branded fancy cut diamonds, radiant cut diamonds describes a cut-cornered rectangular or square modified brilliance with 70 or 62 facets patterns to its crown and pavilion with truncated corners which helps to minimise chipping. The uniqueness with radiant cut diamonds however lies in its excellent light reflecting capability which makes it an alternative to emerald cut diamonds.

Radiant Diamonds Cut Analysis

For anyone that look forward to buying radiant cut diamonds from online stores, only certified

loose radiant diamonds should be considered for purchase. Rectangular radiant cut loose diamonds differ from circle-like round diamonds. The circle-like type is symmetrical while the rectangle is not. Measurement of crown height, depth percentage and pavilion depth in relativity to the diameter of diamonds are unique features that defines round diamonds.

Colour Evaluation

Given the differences in price and the product of personal experience, it is discovered that the quality of radiant cut diamonds has positive relationship with its colour grade.