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Certified Online Diamond Brokers

Buying a diamond can be frustrating, there is a need to make an informed and wise decision at all times. In the Antwerp world diamond market, Diamond World will be as a diamond broker your guide to buying diamonds. For this service we charge only 10% commission.

In the process of buying Diamonds, there are two important questions that can only be answered by online certified diamond dealers;

  • What is the quality and value of the diamond under consideration? This is to determine the color, cut and clarity of the diamond is as described by the seller.
  • Is the Pricing of the diamond fair in relation to the quality and value? Looking at the price, size, and quality of the diamond, does it carry the right monetary value.

Finding and choosing the right diamond can be made easy with the services of loose diamond brokers in Antwerp. One aspect that makes diamond buying stressful is having to choose from a large number of diamonds without being able to do a side by side comparison. This stress could be taken away with the right diamond and jewelers broker in Europe guiding your choice. You never have to see the process of buying a diamond stress ever again with the right loose diamond brokers Antwerp. At Diamond World, taking the frustrating and frustrating experience away is one of our duties as a certified diamond broker. Our relationship with the Antwerp Diamond Bourse gives us direct access to all the major manufacturers and wholesalers.

We are always ready to help every client that hires our services at Diamond World as their diamond broker is arriving at the best diamond available at that point in time. You have three benefits over others by hiring us at Diamond World as a certified diamond broker in Antwerp.

  • Best Diamond at Lower Cost: At Diamond World, we relate directly with the major diamond manufacturers and wholesalers in Antwerp. This gives you the best available price in the entire Antwerp World Diamond Market. You stand a chance to buy at a lower price rather what you would gotten from the general retail market. If you are set out to buy a 1-carat diamond with VS2 clarity in the Belgium Diamond Business Center in Antwerp, it often goes for between $9000 to $10500. But as your loose diamond brokers, we’ll get the same quality diamond at $6250 (inclusive of brokerage fee.)
  • Quality Diamond: At Diamond World, our experience and expertise only allow us to choose accurately graded and fairly valued diamonds. We are expert gemologists with an in-depth knowledge of the diamond industry grading system. You need not worry about the quality of the diamonds we are brokering for you, we’ll only consider diamonds bearing the Diamond High Council and the International Gemological Institute.
  • Saves Time, Energy and Resources: We work according to your stated We follow this and locate not less than 2 diamonds that meet your expectations. Our experts at Diamond World examine the chosen diamonds and select the only one that you love. Our diamond brokerage service saves you the time that should have been expended checking around the Antwerp Diamond Market. So also, in the event that we are not able to locate the right diamond for you, you will not be paying any brokerage fee.

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