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What is the Price of Diamond Per Carat in Antwerp

For decades, Antwerp has served as the major trade zone of diamonds globally. Aside being a diamond trade hub, it also functions as a significant production centre, diamonds has become of the few things Antwerp is known for. Not less than 50% of the entire diamond trades passes through Antwerp and they are exported to every corner of the world.

A large section of the Diamond Trading Company formerly known as De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd operate from Antwerp. There are many reason why you should buy diamonds in Antwerp;

  • 80% of rough diamonds are handled in Antwerp
  • 50% of every polished diamond passes through Antwerp
  • You’ll find the world best diamond polishers only in Antwerp
  • “Cut in Antwerp” is the most important diamond label respected globally
  • Number one Diamond Hub since the 16th Century

From these figures, without exaggeration Antwerp is the World Diamond Center where you can get diamond wholesale prices. Diamond World operating from Antwerp offers competitive prices online for diamonds. Diamond World has within it reach all of the world most respected diamond manufacturers, polishers and wholesalers, this gives us the leverage to provide certified diamonds at wholesale prices. You can always contact us to ask what is the price of diamond per carat.