Diamond Services


We know you consider it a huge task selling your diamonds, that’s why we have prepared this guide below to assist you in understanding some basic aspect of diamond pricing.

Wholesale Diamond Price

Diamond distribution is always on numerous level, which is why there is rarely a uniformity of price. Often times, there are different wholesale prices in the course of marketing till it reaches the end users. Sales taxes is absent in these prices.

Retail Diamond Market

This are made up of sellers who intend to sell to the end users. Buyers from this category of sellers do so for the purpose of usage and not reselling in the future.

Retail Cash For Diamonds Price

Since the price gouging incident of the 1940s, many cash for diamonds sellers in Belgium has often distanced themselves from the title. This is the reasons why retailers do no want to go by the title and stress to buyers that they are retailers and you are getting the best price. Often times, you are buying at 2 to 3 times the manufacturers mark-up.

Diamond Valuation

As a diamond buyer company, we would advice you to take note of the following before arriving at a value for your diamonds;

The proportion, weight and shape that does not have any contribution to diamond beauty.

The influence of the fluorescence on a diamond’s transparency.

  • The integrity of the laboratory that issued the grading report
  • The level of risk relating to inventory the cutters are currently holding and market is absorbing.
  • The date of grading report.
  • The current price and availability of rough.
  • The popularity of the shape of the diamond.

There are two ways to selling your diamonds to Diamond World;

  • Let us find the best deal for your diamonds from the Antwerp Diamond Market by placing in commission for 2 to 3 months.
  • Offer your diamond for sale at 10% below the market value.

To protect you and ourselves, we would need a recent certificate (<3 years) from one of the respected and acknowledged grading organisations like Diamond High Council (HRD) or the International Gemmological Institute (IGI).