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We offer you diamonds with an independent laboratory certification unlike other stores that provide in house certifications. In case you are wondering why diamond certification, it enable you ascertain whether you are buying certified I/SI1 quality diamonds or certified G/VS2 quality diamonds. Diamond World is the ideal online stores with HRD Certified Diamonds, GIA certified and IGI Certified Diamonds.

Trusted online certified diamonds

Knowing the differences between diamond certifications will assist you buy online certified diamonds. Only trusted online certified diamonds loose stores offers diamonds with diamond grading report. We’ll offer a diamond certificate that will state the characteristics of the diamond. In the event of loss, the certificate ensures the insurance company replace with diamonds of similar value. However, the diamond certification is not a measure of monetary value.

Diamond World rely on the certification by HRD and IGI, as they help to grade and measure the diamonds sent by wholesalers and retailers. They are also involved in the education of gemologists, but that does not translate to being able to certify stones. Graduating from IGI and HRD class should not be mistaken for the power to grade stones. This is the mistake most diamond shoppers make.

Never trust retailers who offer their own in-house certifications. That is why it is pertinent to know the differences between diamond certification. You may end up buying a G/VS2 diamonds from a retailer and it is actually a I/SI1 by HRD and IGI standard. As a diamond owner, you can always tender your stones to independent laboratories as they provide impartial reports.