certified diamonds

Once a diamond is cut and polished, it’s ready to be sold. But before you buy your diamond, make sure it comes with a grading report, also known as a certificate. A written grading report, or certificate, documents the quality of your diamond – without it, you have no proof of your diamond’s quality.

The most highly valued diamonds in the industry come with a written grading report from either the Diamond High Council (HRD) or the International Gemmological Institute (IGI). That’s why every loose diamond we sell at Diamond World has been analysed and graded by either the HRD or the IGI. A certificate from HRD of IGI guarantees forever the quality of your Diamond World diamond.

Laser inscription

Laser inscription is the process that inscribes the girdle of the diamond (the middle area of the stone) and it is done with a microscopic laser beam. The precise heat of a tiny laser beam transforms a very thin layer (just a few atoms thick) of the diamond from transparent carbon crystal (diamond) into opaque carbon (graphite).

If you want to feel secure about the identity of your diamond forever, we recommend having it laser inscribed with your unique message and/or lab certificate number.

7-day money back

If for any reason you aren’t satisfied, you can return your item within 7 days in its original condition for a refund or exchange. No questions asked.

If by the remote change you are not happy with your purchase, we will return your full payment and we even pay for the return shipping charges! For Diamond World only complete customer satisfaction is acceptable.

Competetive prices

Since we’re just one or two step(s) from the mining source we can offer our clients very competitive prices. Try us and be amazed about our high level of customer support and personal guidance.

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More gaurantees

You have browsed our website and you’re still not convinced Diamond World is the Online Guide in the World of Diamonds for you.

You’re looking for more guarantees than certified diamonds, Diamond Laser Inscription, 7-day money back guarantee and our competitive prices?

If you think we stop here, you’re wrong. Contact us and let us know what more reasonable guarantees you prefer to have in order to feel secure about your Diamond or Diamond Jewelry purchase.