Diamond Education

Diamond Cost

The rarity of a diamond is the major determinant of its price. The rarer a diamond, the higher the monetary value. When it comes to the value of your diamond, keep in mind that no two diamonds with similar characteristics. Being natures gift, a diamond does not carry a price tag from the onset. For a single diamond, you are likely to get different prices from different jewelers depending on the jeweler’s pattern, buying sources and suppliers.

What is the Cost of Diamond Per Carat?

A two-carats diamond is expected to sell for a higher price than a one-carat diamond. As illustrated in the chart below, the price of a diamond increases as the size increases. The chart below shows the price movement as the carat size changes.

What is the Price of Black Diamond: Impact of Color on Price

An understanding of the subtle differences in the color sub-group and the impact it has on the wholesale price. It is pertinent that a diamond grading report is requested from an independent institute. The report will state the quality based on the color and clarity of the diamond. All other qualifications constant below is a chart that shows price movement as color diminishes.


Diamond Clarity

Clarity of diamond has a significant impact on the value of the diamond. At wholesale level, there is a significant variance between a VVS1 diamond and a VS1 diamond. Price movement due to clarity grade is expressed below while all other qualifications are held constant.

How Diamond Cut Affect Pricing

The cut of a diamond is an important determinant of pricing. Arriving at a good cut is a product of sacrificing a large rough weight during the cut. The lost weight, therefore, must have a bearing on the final price to be paid by the customer. So also, a substantial amount of time and expertise goes into an excellent cut. The price for the time and expertise is also covered by the customer. The cut will bring out a beautiful sparkle regardless of the amount of time it is exposed to.

A good cut does a good job of hiding and reducing inclusions within a stone. That’s why you are unlikely to discover an inclusion in an excellently cut SI2. If you have to compromise while choosing a diamond, never sacrifice the cut. Always go with an excellently cut diamond, a diamond without sparkle is a mere stone.

Diamond Shapes

Round shaped diamonds always have between 15% to 20% increase over fancy shaped diamonds at the wholesale level.