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Diamonds are forever they say, but wouldn’t you rather err on the side of caution by securing your diamonds with a laser inscription. In order to feel secure about the identity of your precious stones, we recommend you make use of the diamonds identification system which is done via a laser inscription.

The process of the Laser inscription includes that your unique message and/or lab certificate number is scribbled on the girdle of the diamond (the middle area of the stone) and this is done via a microscopic laser beam. The precise and regulated heat of a tiny laser beam transforms a very thin layer (just a few atoms thick) of the diamond from transparent carbon crystal (diamond) into opaque carbon (graphite).

Just about anything you fancy can be inscribed on the girdle of your diamond. The laser inscription on diamond could be a name, phurase, an identification number or a keyword. One could ordinarily ask why diamond identification is needed, it is not compulsory nor mandatory, it’s just an act of ensuring an extra security on your precious piece. Laser inscription on diamond also helps you give your diamond a sense of ownership and belonging. You often find a jewelry passed on to a younger generation with an aged inscription on it.

The laser inscriptions are done by a trained jeweler who usually has a magnifying glass on professionally called a loupe in order to read the inscription. As a matter of practice, it is common for brand name diamonds to carry their name or logo on the girdle. A laser inscription registry diamond requires at least 10x magnification before the inscription can be visible.

Ensuring that your diamonds have a laser inscription is important although we mentioned earlier that its not compulsory as not all diamonds have an inscription. Laser inscription on these precious stones not only help you in deciding whether to buy or not, it could also protect you from fraud in some situations.

Most certified diamonds usually have their certificate number inscribed on them. Laser inscription are totally harmless when done by a professional, they do not change the color grade or clarity grade of a diamond.

Inscriptions are as a matter of fact considered to be permanent but if need be, any inscription can be undone or removed by a professional diamond cutter without any change in the weight, appearance or size of your diamond.