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Diamond Confidence

At Diamond World, every diamond that we sell comes with a certificate that serves as a document of guarantee of your diamond. The certificate notes the quality of your diamond and states the value of your diamond as a proof.

A Diamond certificate can only be prepared by a certified gemologist. This certificate is also known as the Dossier, Grading Report or Quality Report. The certificate is produced after a thorough scrutiny by the Gemologist under a microscope considering the color, cut, symmetry, clarity dimensions, and other distinguishing characteristics.

Due to the strict, thorough, unbiased, and the rigorous process diamonds are subjected to by the Diamond High Council (HRD) and the International Gemological Institute (IGI), high valued diamonds carry the certificate of

this two institute. The more reason why at Diamond World, we rely solely on the grading report from either HRD or IGI, as their certificate will forever guarantee the quality and value of your diamond. By buying a diamond without a grading certificate, you are at the mercy of the salespersons claim on its quality and value. By and large, a trained gemologist or jeweler can disagree with the salespersons claim. The only way to protect yourself is to get a diamond with a certificate.

However, please note that a “diamond certificate” and a “diamond appraisal” are not the same. While a diamond certificate is a proof of its quality after a thorough check, a diamond appraisal attaches a monetary value to the diamond. Please note that a diamond certificate from IGI or HRD facilitates appraisal at Diamond World.

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