The International Gemological Institute (IGI) for diamonds is an independent gemological certification institute located in Antwerp. Set up in 1975 along with its sister laboratory in New York, IGI prides itself as the oldest agency of its kind with a renowned pedigree for its quality services, extensive experience and know-how. Today, an institute that started with just 3 staffs has metamorphosed to over 250 professionals, issuing more than 400,000 reports a year and with her second to none services extending to such cities as Antwerp, New York, Bangkok, Mumbai and Tokyo. What is however known today as the IGI diamond certification is the product of extensive research conducted and put forward

for the benefit of the European diamond trade industry by the International gemological information, a division of IGI, established in New York in 1981 to provide objective; accurate appraisal and identification reports as well as appraisal updates and estimates in case of damages.

Today, IGI Certificate diamonds or IGI certified diamonds is that which having been examined, is found reflective of the basic features with which the IGI report certifies a diamond as quality. Jewelers, retail stores, insurance companies, online sales organizations, catalogue companies, accounting and security firms and consumers alike now rely on the IGI reports as basis for evaluation and purchase.